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  • Alexa Rose

Natural Cold Remedies

As I am getting through a nasty cold during my second pregnancy, it occurred to me that plenty of pregnant and breastfeeding mamas are out there this Fall/Winter season struggling with the same sickness, and aren't sure what remedies are safe. Heres what I typically do to fight off a cold or flu (or how I like to prepare for flying and germy airports).

1) Boost your vitamin C.

Whether that means drinking Emergen-C, eating all of the citrus fruits, or taking a supplement, it is important to really boost your vitamin C to help bolster your immune system. I squeeze lemon in chamomile tea, and have about 2 or 3 cups a day.

2) Elderberry Syrup.

Elderberry is a long time friend to the immune system. I have both the syrup and gummy forms from the brand Gaia. I personally take 2 or 3 teaspoons daily.

3) Local Raw Unfiltered Honey.

Local honey is fantastic at soothing a sore throat, and helps your body get used to local pollen. This is also great to help with allergies! Simply take a spoonful and let it slowly melt down your throat, or add it to your tea. Specifically, buckwheat honey with propolis has the most healing properties.

4) Probiotics.

Having a healthy gut allows your body to absorb the vitamins and supplements you take and function at its best. I highly recommend taking a probiotic daily, especially when sick.

5) Hydrate.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body is trying to flush itself of all the germs and toxins this sickness has brought, and drinking lots of water and electrolytes will help. For electrolytes, go for something with low sugar and no hard to pronounce ingredients (hint: not gatorade), like Nuun tablets.

A note on essential oils: essential oils can be healing and soothing, but should be used with extra caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Make sure you do your research and decide on what oils you are comfortable using.

I hope these little tips help you feel better soon! I've also heard a humidifier helps work wonders on a dry throat and nose, but I have never personally tried it simply because I don't own one! Let me know your own safe remedies and tips in the comments.