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  • Alexa Rose

Nursing Must Haves

Bras, breast pads, haakaas, oh my! Here's a quick list of the 6 things I found were absolute essentials for breastfeeding. Do not skip these!

1) Coobie's V-neck Lace Trim Bras

These ended up being my favorite bras when nursing because they hit all the marks! First off, no underwire so they won't mess with supply during those early weeks. They are super comfy, I labored in one and could totally sleep in them! I can unhook the adjustable straps to pull the bra all the way down OR just pull it down while the straps are still hooked on. SCORE. It comes with removable pads which is nice because while I was leaking I took them out since I had nursing pads in, but once I was done leaking and wanted more coverage I put the pads back in. The lace is super cute and works great for those v-neck tops you'll be wearing for easy boob access! Not to mention the price is easy on the bank and they always have a deal if you buy two. Love. These. Bras! They are one size fits all but they also have a "busty" version.

2) Haakaa or off-brand version

I have never used a breast pump but still have a great stash of breastmilk in my freezer from using this handy contraption! I bought an off-brand one from amazon for around $14. It is super simple to use. Just suction and feed baby on the other side like normal, it uses your natural let down to catch the milk! It feels good to use it instead of have it leak into a nursing pad. Even when you stop leaking a few months in, it still functions the same. I highly highly recommend!

3) Reusable nursing pads

I got mine on Amazon from Kindred Braverly and they came in a cute pouch that has a snap handle so you can snap it wherever! I snapped mine around my bedpost so they were super handy when nursing those first few weeks and in the middle of the night. It makes sense not to be wasteful and spend more money on disposables when there are super soft, absorbent, leakproof reusable options! Simply throw it in the wash with your normal laundry. Plus they are super affordable, and usually on sale!

4) Microwavable heat pad

I had a clogged duct once and it kind of feels like part of your boob is bruised. I used a microwavable heat pad and it helped the pain. Using that and massage it got the duct out within two days no problem! Mine is actually an otter and looks like a stuffed animal so it is super soft! Plus it is lavender scented. You can just use any old heat pad from Target or CVS or make your own by filling a knee-high sock with some rice! Pour a couple drops of lavender essential oil and you are ready to go. Another good option are heat/cool packs made specifically for the breast. However, I found a larger heat pad to be much more helpful and versatile.

5) Button-front & V- neck shirts and dresses

I never knew how NOT nursing friendly my closet was until I had my baby. By that time I was super depressed that it was so tough to find something I liked that also allowed easy boob access! $ months postpartum and I am still working on building up my closet to be nursing friendly. Do me a favor and buy the stuff while you're pregnant so you have one less thing to worry about postpartum! My favorites are basic V-neck long and short sleeve shirts that I can just pull down, button-front dresses, and the Stars Above button-front pj's from Target.

6) Coconut oil

This is what I uses everyday on my belly and boobs to moisturize and prevent stretch marks! Nursing, it will help with sensitivity and make sure you don't get cracked nipples. Plus, you don't have to worry about wiping it off since it is safe for baby! I ALWAYS use Trader Joe's Triple Refined Coconut Oil because it doesn't smell at all coconuty. If you don't care though, just grab a huge tub from Costco! I use it on my baby's bum every diaper change and all over after his bath so I go through plenty of it.

Did you use any of these postpartum? What were your favorite nursing essentials? Comment them below so mamas can easily find suggestions!